FCの後継としてFCoE (Fibre Channel over Ethernet)が提案されています。今日はFCoEに関する記事を紹介したいと思います。

まず、FCoEが現時点ではまだ8G FCを置き換える存在になっていないのは明らかで(例えば以下の記事)、

With that, I don't think that you have to consider FCoE in this go around. If you want to get the move underway, that's fine -- but don't feel pressured to move to it today. If you need faster performance and want to stay with standard FC, then 8 Gbps is a proven tact to take and there is little chance of you being left out of the FCoE conversion movement when it happens.


Finally I asked Plawner, "In what year does converged network storage become mainstream?" He said Intel believe that converged network storage based on iSCSI is there now and that FCoE will join the mainstream by 2012.
The volume market for FCoE is dependent on server design cycles that in large part are driven by new processor and operating system releases. Given that Nehalem-based motherboards and Windows 7 are just hitting the market, I expect the volume market for FCoE to emerge with motherboards using post-Nehalem processors, Windows 8 or later and the next generation of FCoE chips supporting 10GBase-T.

インタビュアーは、そこから、Windows 8Intelの次世代CPU(Nehalemの次)がFCoEをドライブする世代になると想定しています。