HPのスケールアウト型NAS ExDS9100


ExDSはExtreme Data Storage Systemの略で、Extremeという名から連想できるように大規模向けストレージシステムです。パフォーマンスブロックとキャパシティブロックという二種類のコンポーネントを持ち、パフォーマンスとキャパシティをある程度個別にスケーリングできるそうです。キャパシティブロックは82台の1TB SAS HDDを収納可能で82TBの容量を持ちます。スケールアウト型NASにするために、PolyServeソフトウェアが使われています。
HP resizes its ExDS9100 scale-out NAS system; finds market broader than original Web 2.0 target

Today, HP is launching a new configuration that includes a single 82 TB storage block, a BladeSystem c7000 chassis and two active-active storage controllers. The original ExDS9100 entry configuration that came out last year began at three 82 TB blocks for 256 total TB.


HP said the ExDS9100 system costs approximately $2 per GB.

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To achieve excellent cost-, space- and power-efficiency, ExDS is based on HP c-Class BladeSystem blades and new storage hardware, different from anything in the existing StorageWorks product portfolio, which we're calling 'storage blocks'.
Blades run storage services for the outside world, and an ExDS can be configured with anywhere from 4 to 16 blades, based on the level of application performance required.
Storage blocks contain disks in a very space- and power-efficient package. Each block consists of 82 drives in 7 rack units of space, for a density of nearly 12 terabytes/U with the 1TB drives we'll have. An ExDS can contain from 3 to 10 storage blocks, for up to a total of 820 drives.